the art od photography and film meets professional content creation of businesses.


Welcome to CubeCreaction

01.Our Offer to You:

  • Product Sessions: We will capture every detail and uniqueness of your product, creating photos that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Stylized Sessions: Transport your products into a dream world, crafting stylized sessions that will capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Lifestyle Sessions: Showcase how your products fit into everyday life, creating authentic stories that build a connection with your customers.
  • Model Sessions: Add a human dimension to your products, presenting them in the context of real situations and emotions.
  • Films and Animations: We will produce dynamic films and animations that not only inform but also engage, leaving a lasting impression.

02. Where We Work

This is a place where I can work with lights and shadows to create something brilliant. I’m talking about my photography studio, which is located at Katowicka 59 in Chorzow, Poland. Here we can discuss and create a photography portfolio in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

03. Why Choose Us:


  • Creativity and Passion: We approach each project as an art form, combining creativity with a deep understanding of business goals.
  • Professionalism: Our industry experience ensures you can trust in the highest quality of services.
  • Tailored to You: An individualized approach, customized to the specifics of your business and expectations.
  • Boosting Online Presence: Our content not only captivates but also builds a strong presence for your brand online.
  • Efficiency and Timeliness: We prioritize delivering your materials on time while maintaining the highest quality.

Join us in collaboration! Together, we will create content that not only showcases your products but also tells their unique story

04. PRO Equipment

At CubeCreation, we not only believe in the power of visual storytelling but also invest in top-notch equipment to transform ideas into reality. Here are some of our professional tools:



Our images are captured using a professional camera that captures every detail, preserving exceptional image quality.


We have a diverse range of lenses that allow us to explore various perspectives, from the smallest details to wide landscapes.

Flash and Continuous Lighting

Our flashlights and continuous lights ensure perfect illumination, creating an atmosphere tailored to each project.

Film Slider

Dynamic shots and smooth movements are at our fingertips thanks to the film slider, adding professionalism to our productions.

Rotating Platform

Precise product positioning becomes easier with the rotating platform, enabling diverse presentation angles.

Extensive Backdrop Collection

Our diverse collection of backdrops and profiles allows us to tailor the background to the character of each session, emphasizing the uniqueness of each project.


05. How your photos / videos are created?

We get guidelines from the client

We create a special offer

We create   concept art (drawn indicative scenes of photos/films)

We create the scenography nad style your product

We take photos / shoot scenes

We do professional retouching / editing

We send photos / videos via data transfer

06. Photo Processing

Here I like to show you photo processing. Sometimes you can not see results without direct comparison. So, I’ll show you direct comparison photos before and after processing, where I made the photography retouching.


Let’s do something great together!